How to Write Great Blog Posts – 8 tips to create an awesome article

how to write great blog post

For your blog post to be successful, you must have good content, the information in it should be useful for readers and easy to read. Whether you are writing about science, art, sports, personal development, love, cooking, or anything else, you must have excellent content to make your post successful. There are some basic ingredients without which this will not happen. In this post you will find the most important elements that a successful blog post should have:

1. Get prepared 

The key to a successful blog post is preparation. People see a lot of posts every day, so you need to make sure yours is great. And if you want to write an article that readers will like, you should first consider some things. What do you want to say in this article, what are the key points and how deeply you want to develop the topic you are writing about

Do some research – about your niche, industry, and competitors. Check out what other successful people do and learn from them. Write about something interesting and close to you. People will feel that it comes from you and that you are sincere, and then they will like it. You can be successful in any niche. It doesn’t matter if you write to validate, to educate, or to share your opinion about something, as long as it’s something that people may search for.

2. Compelling headline

The headline is really important because it will make your readers click to see your post. Usually, people judge a book by its cover and a blog post by its title. This is why a compelling headline is crucial for the success of your blog post – it will attract more readers. Your headline should have one or more keywords describing the main topic of your post. The title should give clarity about what your article refers to, and your content should be related to the topic.

The best posts are those that give solutions and solve problems. In every niche, people have a problem or pain and if you can write about these topics that could offer solutions to your audience, then you will build trust. The headline of your post should indicate the solution to that problem. The words you use should be easy, familiar, and often used. Words that everyone would write when searching at Google for information about what you are writing about.

how to write great blog post

3. Valuable content

To create a great blog post, first, make sure that it is complete. This means that your readers should have all the necessary information related to the topic for which you have written.

When you have something to say, say it, and don’t limit the number of your words. Include on your blog post all the information your readers need to have, no matter how long your post will become. It will never be too long if the information inside is valuable. Also, remember that longer posts are better than short ones. My researches and experience show that long posts are better represented in search indexing, traffic, conversions, and social sharing. If your content is between 1,000- to 1,500 words, it is very well. But if most of your posts are about 200 to 300 words, then you probably wouldn’t achieve much.

Create content that is packed with useful information and avoid writing fluff. Yes, it’s a fact that longer blog posts rank better than shorter ones, but more doesn’t always mean better. The longer post is good when it’s rich with information, so write what is necessary. If your content is valuable, then your readers will stick with you. When you are positive, supportive, and inspirational for your audience, you will achieve far more than if you are negative.

4. The layout of the article

The layout of your article is also very important. You have to do anything to make your blog post easy to read. Usually, most people first skim through the content before they decide to read it. That’s why it is advisable to break your article with subheadings and space between paragraphs. Long texts are hard to read, so break them whenever is possible.

You need a structure for your article. Generally, the idea is your post to have a headline, introduction, paragraphs (with space between them), subheadlines, points, and conclusion. All these features make it understandable and easy to read.

Subheadlines are very important and useful because they will: make the page visually appealing, help readers return to a certain point, and will boost SEO (search engine optimization). So, it’s important to use keywords in your subheadlines too.

Choose appropriate font, letter size, and colors (pick up a few colors and stick to them). They will make the layout of your article even more appealing and easy to read.

5. Affiliate links within your posts

In affiliate marketing, first, need to provide value and build trust, and then to recommend a product or service. Use links within your posts. You can add links to other blogs or websites, or past posts on your own site, but do it when you can. Just make sure that they are relative to the content of your current article. Don’t add too many affiliate links to your posts. Think about the visitors and what they would like. And for sure they will not be happy to read a post with many affiliate links. Also, search engines don’t like them either.

Another thing you can do is create a few pages with many affiliate links, products, or services. Then the rest of your posts will direct your readers to visit these pages. Or you can try to balance your posts and have posts with more links, but also posts with fewer. It depends on you and your niche. Having internal links and not many affiliate links is good for SEO and will increase the clicks of your articles. Also, don’t put your affiliate links at the beginning of your post. Place them after the first scroll or at the bottom of your article.

6. Images

Add some images to your post. The human brain processes visual content faster than text content. So, adding addictive images is always helpful.

7. Clear call-to-action

Use a clear call-to-action button or link to tell your readers what to do when they get to the end of your article Do this at the end of your blog post. This is the best way to ask your visitors to share your post, follow you on social media, leave a comment, or purchase a product.

8. Meta description

This is the snippet that Google displays in search results and automatically Google will take the first or second sentence of your blog post. However, this is not always the best way to display your article in search results. The meta description is in HTML code, which summarizes the content of the page (with about 155 characters). So, for better results and ranking you have to optimize it. If you have a Word Press site, you can use a plugin such as Yoast to do this easily. You can create the meta description as you prefer depending on what you want to say and the content of your article. The meta description can include specifications, contain keywords, include call-to-action, or can describe what your visitors will find on the page.


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Finally, I would like to mention two more important things that I believe will be useful for your articles – take notes and respond to the comments. Write your ideas every time you have an idea for something to write about. Sometimes good ideas fly away and don’t come back. Responding to the comments is an opportunity to connect directly with the people who are reading your articles. Of course, not all comments need a response, but sometimes it’s worth to post “thanks for reading” or something like that.

A great blog post has a long life and all your efforts will be paid to you many times. Yes, creating an awesome article takes a long time, but any blog post with valuable content is worth it.



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