Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 – Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?!

wealthy affiliate review


I decided to write this article to share my point of view and experience with Wealthy Affiliate. This is not “the best”, “the only complete”, “full” or “brutally honest” review of Wealthy Affiliate. I will introduce you to the basic components of Wealthy Affiliate and what you can find and use on the platform. I will not describe how to sign up and where or in which corner you will find the things because the platform is very easy to use.

What I was looking for online opportunities

When I was searching for work-from-home jobs I went through many options. There are many, really many things you can do on the internet and earn good money. I wanted to do something that I like but also which brings me some money. It was important for me to replace my regular job with a job from home (since I was working in a clothing store my workday was usually more than 8 hours, and after more than 10 years of work in retail, I wanted something new and more interesting). I didn’t have money to start with something that requires initial capital. And after years of searching, I decided to engage in affiliate marketing.

Besides, I wanted to do something that would be useful to people like me. It is really important for me to do something which will be useful, not just to work for money. And since I like writing and creating things, I decided that blogging and affiliate marketing are my thing so I created this blog. This is not an easy job and requires a lot of effort, time, and new knowledge. But I want to tell you that everything is possible and everything can be learned if you have a dream, desire, motivation, and when you take action.

Internet capabilities

I had joined many platforms online. One of them was a Wealthy Affiliate. I joined the platform in 2016 and unfortunately, that was all I did. The reason was that there were many opportunities and it took me a long time to read, study, and try them. And because the information at Wealthy Affiliate is a lot, I thought it would take too long and I could not understand and do all the things (lessons and tasks). So I didn’t go deeper with the training.

I tried different things and thought I would earn at least extra income – watching ads, PPC sites, MLM companies for cosmetics and finance, dropshipping, but I didn’t succeed. However, I didn’t stop searching and when I decided to make a site to share information and to write about what I was excited about, then I came across Wealthy Affiliate again. After that, I decided to look at it in detail. I liked what they offered and I decided to try with them – it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Their training was exactly what I needed – step-by-step guides for beginners (since I’m not particularly good at computers, but today you don’t need to be IT to create a great website and to manage it successfully).

My personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate

As I said, I joined the Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 as a starter member (free membership). But two years later I decided to try to see the platform and all the training. After about 6 months of hard work, I achieved some success and I had good results and some earnings that are increasing. So in March of this year, I became a premium member to get access to all the resources. If you’re wondering to join or not, I would suggest you do it and try – it’s free. Do not waste time like me. If you try the platform, you will know if it’s for you or not.

For me, Wealthy Affiliate is a really great platform and helped me to build my blog and to start making some extra money from it.

When I was looking for reviews (including Wealthy Affiliate), most were “the only honest, brutal review” and most were about the steps to join the company and the stories of other successful people who earn thousands a month. Well, it is achievable, but it is a long-term game and not an easy process. These people have worked for years to get there, but usually, this success is presented in the reviews as something you get in a few weeks or months.

You will find many reviews that presented the possibility of attracting referrals by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. But I want to say that this is not the only opportunity to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. You can earn a good income as an affiliate marketer in every niche. And yes, there are affiliate links to Wealthy Affiliate in this post, so if someone decides to look at the platform and get involved, it can do it from here. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer. 

The important thing is to do something you like.

Then no matter how much work you have, it will not be a problem for you and you will do it with pleasure. The best thing is that at some point your efforts will be rewarded and you will also receive money for your hard work. As I already have described my experience, now you will see below in the article what Wealthy Affiliate is, the main features, and what the platform includes.

wealthy affiliate review

About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate was created in 2005 by two Canadian guys Carson and Kyle. The idea of the owners is to help others succeed in online business by following their model as they already have online success. Throughout the years, this platform developed a lot with training materials, step-by-step video trainings, marketing lessons, forums, membership, support resources, and lots of useful and helpful tools. Now everyone with zero knowledge and skills in the online business can create a website (or blog) and earn from it as an affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for those who are completely new to this industry and need to learn how to build a real and legitimate online business (like I was a few years ago). But have in mind that this is not going to happen for one day, it takes time, effort, and patience. Wealthy Affiliate is good also for those who have some experience but want to improve more, to be updated all the time, and to have everything in one place.

They have two main training courses

Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp. Both courses have more or less the same strategy on how to build your online business, but the focus is different.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification course covers every niche you could choose and the products you want to promote.

And Affiliate Bootcamp course is focused on promoting Wealthy Affiliate itself or other products and services in the make money online niche.

The trainings in both courses will show you how to create a website in the niche you choose, how to create good content, how to review products, and how to promote your site. The trainings include some levels with 10 lessons in each level.


In Wealthy Affiliate, you will find two membership options free and premium.

Free Starter Account

Тhe first 10 trainings for starter members at Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to pick a niche and how to set up your site with Word Press, and also how to create About Me and Privacy Policy pages. After these trainings, you will know how to post your articles and the basics in Word Press. You will be allowed to create two websites with Wealthy Affiliate and they will give you support for them. With the free membership you have limited access to the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard, but for some of the features, you will have access for the first 7 days. In my opinion, it is pretty enough for beginners and it is a free-for-life account, so you don’t have to upgrade if you don’t want to do it. Just have in mind that if you upgrade your account to premium, you can not go back to a free account if you cancel it. There are some countries (like Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, and Egypt) that are excluded from this membership due to the high risk of fraud and they have to go to Premium membership directly. When you set up a website you will have to choose domain and hosting. The costs you will have with Free Starter Membership are for a domain (around $14/year), but the hosting is included with Wealthy Affiliate.

Free Starter Account Includes:

– Live Help – First 7 Days

– 2 Websites

– Website Backup

– Beginner Training Course

– Personal Affiliate Blog

– Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1 Only

– Video Walk-Throughs

– Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches

– Training Classrooms – 2

– Affiliate Program

– 1-on-1 Coaching – First 7 Days

Premium Account

This membership gives you access to absolutely everything. It is a great platform with so many useful tools and resources, but also it is an amazing community there with many friendly and helpful people. The costs for Premium Membership are $49/month, $234/6months, and $359/year.

Premium Account Includes:

– Live Help – Unlimited

– Private Messaging

– 50 Websites

– Website Security Package

– Website Backup

– Beginner Training Course

– Personal Affiliate Blog

– Affiliate Bootcamp Training – All Phases (7)

– Live Video Classes

– Video Walk-Throughs

– Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Searches

– Training Classrooms – 12

– Affiliate Program – 2x Higher Payout

– 1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited

– Private Access to Owners

– 24/7/365 Website Support

– Website Feedback Platform

– Website Comment Platform

– Website Analysis

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate

If you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate will earn a commission for each new premium member you bring to the platform (you will have a commission every time your referrals pay). If you are a Starter Member your commission will be 15% and if you are a Premium Member the commission is 50%. I know it looks a bit like MLM, but it’s not exactly. It is not MLM, because you can earn a commission for referrals on one level only, there is no deeper structure. Also, you don’t have to promote Wealthy Affiliate if you don’t want to. You can focus on your own niche (like me). Wealthy Affiliate just has an affiliate program such as Amazon has one. It is the same.

What you’ll find on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform


All the training inside Wealthy Affiliate is easy to follow and there is a comment area right within each training to ask questions. Your questions will be answered by other members or owners. Some trainings are only available to Premium Members. I mentioned above what is included in each membership.

The training come in several formats:

– Core Training – the idea of the courses is at the end of this journey to be familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing and to be able to create a site, content, and promote it. As you go through the levels in the training, you will have several tasks that are required to complete. Which will keep you engaged and allow you to communicate within the community. In this platform, all training modules have an area where you can ask specific questions that usually get answered fast.

– Live Training – to keep things up-to-date, Wealthy Affiliate offers weekly live video classes that have a different topic each week and which are related to internet marketing. All of them include topics for beginners and advanced within each webinar.

The good thing is that there are no upsells at the end of these webinars. Each training is recorded and available within 24 hours after the live broadcast.

– Community Training – you will have the privilege of adding your own training inside the member’s area if you are a Premium Member and have passed a certain time frame. This is great because you can learn from other members who have experience in various skills, but also you can share yours too. There is a strict policy within the community training and is monitored constantly for anything like spamming or selling.


In Wealthy Affiliate, you can find a good set of tools that are easy to use and deliver results.

– Keyword Tool – This tool gives you the ability to learn what people are searching for in Google to find information and helps you to understand the audiences’ search behavior. For a successful online campaign, you need proper keyword research and the keyword tool does that. It will show you how many times a keyword is searched and how competitive is that keyword.

– Site Builder (SiteRubix) – this tool helps you build a website in a few minutes. It is really easy! I didn’t have experience in this area and I created my site in 5 minutes. SiteRubix allows you to set a free website, just you need to choose a name for it, choose a look for your site, and build it by installing WordPress. You just need to follow the steps in the video training.

– Site Hosting – Wealthy Affiliate has really good WordPress hosting. Some of the features of it are: WordPress optimized servers, great secure hosting anywhere, full redundancy, daily backups, 24/7 website monitoring, fully managed, site health analyzing, website auto-login. Premium Membership is no additional cost for hosting. Site Builder and Site Hosting are available to both Starter and Premium members. On siterubix.com Starter Members can have 2 free websites. And Premium Members can have 50 Websites (25 free on the siterubix.com website and 25 on your domains).

– Site Domains – you can buy your domain names inside of Wealthy Affiliate and works easily with their Hosting and SiteRubix.


The support offered inside Wealthy Affiliate is great and there is a support channel for everyone. They can support you within your training or your site issues. You can also find support if you need inspiration or advice during your progress and the support comes in several different formats: chat, written, and video.

– Live Help – it is available 24/7 so it doesn’t matter what part of the world you reside in. Live support provides everyone with the ability to interact in real-time and get instant answers to questions, personal help, and coaching.

– Private Messaging – you can get some individualized feedback for your campaigns or some advice on how to get started. And you can contact any Premium Member privately to discuss your online training, projects, or issues. You can even contact the owners Carson and Kyle for some private coaching or feedback whenever you need it and they will answer you back as soon as they can. From my personal experience and communication with them, I can say that they are very active. Even though they are extremely busy and many people write them daily, they respond quickly.

– Live Q and A Sessions – this is about the Live Video Classes where at the end of each lesson there is a chat session where you can get answers to your questions.

– Website Feedback Platform – will give you feedback on your website or a specific page of your website.

– Training Classrooms – it is like a forum where you can ask your questions and someone from the community will give you an answer. You can also search in these classrooms for earlier posts about topics that you need.

Important note

if you have a website hosted at Wealthy Affiliate and you decide to leave and not be a member at Wealthy Affiliate anymore for some reason, then you will have 30 days to transfer your site out of Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting to another one (for example Bluehost). Your website is yours. You can keep it, even if you leave Wealthy Affiliate. It doesn’t matter that you bought it and built it there, the Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t own your site.

Deficiencies of Wealthy Affiliate

Like any company, Wealthy Affiliate also has some flaws. I will tell you what I don’t like. There is too much information. That was the thing that scared me out at first. It seemed impossible for me. And easily you can get overwhelmed at some point. The other thing I don’t like is that if you are a Premium Member you can not go back to your Starter Account and you have to leave the company. Also, the live chat feature is a good thing overall but can be a big distraction. The reason is that sometimes people spend hours chatting about random stuff that is not useful to their online business or others’ businesses. And for me, this is wasting time. Of course, you don’t have to do it or read their chats (I skip them). There is one more thing I believe is not needed (but this is my opinion and it is something I don’t need) – Wealthy Affiliate’s ranking system. They have this inside the ranking system and many people focused on it and their rank in the system. But know that no matter what your rank is at Wealthy Affiliate, it does not affect your earnings. For me, it is a waste of time, so I skip this too. With all this, I want to say that there are things that can distract you and you have to be careful. In the end, to create a successful online business, we need to focus on this.


how to self publishing an ebook

In Conclusion

Wealthy Affiliate is not perfect and it’s not for everyone, but still, I believe it is one of the best ways to learn how to create your own profitable online business. With all their training and tools you will learn a lot of new things. Then if you act on the tasks that come with each training module and regularly create content on your website, you will succeed.

Learning affiliate marketing using random videos, internet posts, or books, and without an action plan, is extremely difficult. It is possible but will take more time, a lot more frustration, and failure. And with Wealthy Affiliate, this process is simple, easy to follow, and most important it is successful. These days you don’t need to do it alone, as there are available platforms like this to help you. Of course, no one can tell you how long it will take because everyone is different and no niche is the same, also every website is different, and there are lots of variables to keep in mind. It can take you 3 months, 6 months, or more, depending on the effort and time you spend, but also on how much content you put on your website. Don’t give up and keep going!

Arnold H. Glasow is said, “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it”.



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I hope this article has been helpful to you! I would love it if you leave a comment or share it! Thank you!

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    1. Oh, I am sorry to hear that, but I am happy that you find a way to fix your problem and move on! That’s great for you!
      Anyway, the Wealthy Affiliate is nothing the same… I am in the company since 2016 and I am really happy with all they gave me and still do! That’s why I decided to share some info about them because I know for sure it is worth it! 🙂

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