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teething toys


Teething usually starts around four to seven months. You will notice your baby drooling, being unusually cranky, and put anything in their mouth in an attempt to give some relief.

As parents, we want to do everything we can to provide our babies with some comfort. I use homeopathy, Schuessler salts, amber teething necklaces, and teething toys. Not everything at the same time, but there are some periods I use all in one day. Sometimes I use just one or three of those options. It always depends on what my baby’s condition is.

As chewing and sucking are some of the best ways to relieve teething pain, every day my daughter is using teething toys. They are a great way to keep her mouth busy. I bought four or five different teething toys because I didn’t know which type will be useful to her and there was also a variety. But my daughter also gnaws on all sorts of other objects and toys, like little books, the walker, the table, etc. In general, there are periods that are a little more severe and even raise the temperature. In these cases, I give her homeopathy and smear her gums with herbal cream. As a last resort, if the temperature is very high I give her panadol. This is very rare and it has only been necessary twice. Thank God her teeth come out easily.

Teething toys


*Important: When choosing a teething toy look to be with natural materials and to be easy for the baby to hold and use.


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