kid learning games


It’s interactive, containing games and fun activities to make the mentorship process amazing. Train easily your kid to learn more, to have financial literacy, to become an innovator, and to have business thinking!





baby sleep tips Baby Sleep Secrets

The solution that gets your baby to sleep. You will find here methods, techniques, and specific processes which you could simply follow step by step. Practical and tested strategies against common problems!





baby sleeping tipsBaby Sleep Miracle program

The author Mary-Ann Schuler is a child psychologist and parenting expert with over 20 years of experience, and a mother too. She gives a lot of free information on how to make your baby sleep, co-sleeping, nighttime and feeding, etc.





potty training tips for toddlersPotty train your child by noon

When your baby is a toddler already it comes the time to quit diapers. Sometimes the process could be really exhausting. This book will show you an easy, fast, cheap, and fun method to potty train your kid.parenting




teach your child to readChildren Learning Reading program

Reading is one of the most important skills we must master to succeed in life. It helps your child succeed in school helps their self-confidence. And it’s different from learning to speak. You can start teaching even your 2 or 3-year-old to read.


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