How I Got Page Views With a Brand New Blog – what helped me to increase my blog traffic from the first months of blogging

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If you are planning to start a blog or you want to increase your blog traffic and monetize it, then you need a plan on how to do it and one big goal for what you are doing!

Well, first you should know why you want this and what is your big “why”. For example, I want to be able to keep staying at home and take care of my kid! That’s my big goal, but also I want to write about something interesting for me, inspire me, and motivate me! I always have success only if I like my job and what I am doing!

These days you can make money blogging in many ways, there are tons of online opportunities and you need to find what is yours. You could write for some special things and niches, you can sell products or services, you can teach and coach others, write reviews and so much more. Just think about what you are good at, what skills you have, and what you could share with other people. When you choose a niche and what you could provide to people in that niche, think about what they would be interested in, what problems they have, and how you could help them.

But let’s be honest

We all work for money, every blogger out there doing it for money too. I don’t believe when someone tells me that doing this is to help others and the only purpose is to teach and help other people. It’s fine and normal to want to monetize your blog, why not?! Yes, making money shouldn’t be the main and the only reason to do blogging. It’s good for your products to be helpful and solve the problems of others. You will feel great when someone told you “Thank you, it helped me a lot and I am happier now!”, right?! It’s an amazing feeling! I’ve been selling clothes for more than 10 years in different big stores and always when I had a customer who thanked me I feel great, especially when I saw that this person is happy with the product that was bought from me! I love that! I need to do something that will be helpful to others and will be able to make money too (as everyone else)!

Just start, don’t wait anymore!

So, choose your niche and start preparing your blog. You could check my blog posts about the things you should consider before starting a blog with 9 tips for a successful start and the one where I describe all the ingredients you need to start a blog and start! It is really important to start, and by the time during the process, you will fix everything and make it looks good and professional! Don’t wait for too much to learn everything and to be 100% ready, because this is not possible! Believe me, I did that and I waste a lot of time!

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My blogging story short

More than a year ago I became a mother. And this is the happiest period in my life. Even if it’s hard to find enough time for everything, I do my best. It’s not easy when you don’t have much help and support, but it is not impossible. If I did that you can do it too! Because without help around the kid and any technical and computer skills, it’s really hard work. The only time of the day I could spend working on my blog is while the kid sleep (which is almost 2 hours in the afternoons and some hours of the night). Anyway, because I needed something new in my life – that will motivate me more, brings me new knowledge and skills, and something that I would love to do! And this is why this blog became real. By the way, I created my blog with the Wealthy Affiliate’s training, but this is another blog post!

My blog is a place where new moms can find helpful tips for baby, motherhood, blogging, personal development, and career growth. I still have some things to fix and include in my blog like my email list and now I am working on it! I also applied to one ads company. I am still working on my blog and now more on monetizing it! I will tell you that even if it’s not I would say compete (or at least not as I want it to be), I am earning some small commissions from my affiliate links! I did that because I put my focus on social media and especially Pinterest! Now I am working on my Facebook page and Instagram profile!

I will be honest

Ten months ago I didn’t know what exactly is word press or plugin, honestly! Before I was using only Facebook and Instagram from time to time, but I didn’t know anything about Pinterest! Now, I have my blog created by me (I didn’t have money to pay someone to do it for me and I learn how to do it by myself). It’s a lot of work, believe me! I was writing and creating my first blog posts (40 in total) for 3-4 months, then I build my blog and launched it at the end of June 2019. And now in 2020, I can tell you that creating and running a blog is the easiest part. Then the real hard work is coming if you want to monetize your blog and especially if you do everything by yourself as I do.

You have your blog – GREAT! But how to get views on your brand new blog

OK, I had my blog launched – fantastic! But how to make people know about it?! And then I was thinking about how to continue – first to try to fix everything that one blog should have to look “perfect” (to put some posts on all social, to finish with email welcome series and learn SEO), or to start promoting my blog and to show it out there and while I do it to continue work on it (because the SEO is long term game, it’s better to start promoting your content on some social media)! Well, both ways are not easy and there is not the right decision, just do what will make you feel comfortable more or less and you think is best for you.

TIP: Even if SEO is hard to be learned from the very beginning, make sure that you have good keywords on your blog post titles, also on the descriptions of the posts because this is what people will see when doing google research, create good and short permalinks with keywords, use tags, and make sure that the images you use in the blog posts also have alt text and titles!

What I did

I chose the second option and I started with presenting my posts on Pinterest. I switch to a business account and follow all tips that I found for free. I had some success as I mentioned earlier, but wasn’t what I want to be. I did almost everything with free materials and courses, but at one point I realized that I need to learn more if I want to achieve more. Then I founded on Pinterest one eBook about that Pinterest thing which is Ana’s eBook Making Pinterest Possible (by the way she is a very successful blogger and she has really good eBooks and training about blogging and how to be a successful blogger – you can check them from here if you want). I bought them because the price is a good 35$. And after I implemented her strategy and tips, in just 2 weeks my Pinterest account got from 4.5k monthly viewers to over 30k, and my blog traffic increased by 153%.? To be honest, it was unexpected for me and so amazing!??

And I start using Tailwind

When I scheduled my daily pins with Tailwind I was able and have some more time to start working on my other social media accounts – Facebook and Instagram. And I prepared and scheduled posts for them too, I did that with another scheduler – Later (I like it a lot, it’s good, easy, and free for 30 posts monthly, which is enough for me). Both schedulers helped me a lot! You have to spend time preparing your posts and setting the dates and times, but after that, you have time to work on all other tasks. So, you need to choose which social media you will use and you have to decide what you want to share on them and how often. Then, go to the schedulers Tailwind and Later and see what you could do with them and how will use them. Because you need to be active on social media daily! It’s better to have daily posts, to be active on Facebook groups, to give “likes” to others and comments, and to share others’ content too. Now my traffic from Facebook and Instagram starts increasing little by little and I have more views from those accounts too. So, I have time to work on my email lists and some other ideas that I have!

how to self publishing an ebook

What else

Use your affiliate links within your content, as I have some on this post!

And don’t forget to connect with other bloggers too – leave comments on their posts or send a message to collaborate. There are many ways to make a good connection with other bloggers out there.


So, I would say that the best way to get traffic to your brand new blog from the beginning is to be active on social media! This is how I did that and worked for me! I started to show my posts and after that, I started to build connections with other bloggers. It’s not easy and fast and it is a lot of hard work, but when you have results it’s very motivating!

Being a mom blogger is not always easy and fun, but it is an incredible journey! ??❤️


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37 thoughts on “How I Got Page Views With a Brand New Blog – what helped me to increase my blog traffic from the first months of blogging”

  1. Hi Silviya,

    wanted to check how is the Pinterest new algorithm update having an effect on the traffic?
    Is there something new which you have tried? I am new to blogging and Pinterest.

    1. Hello Jagan Rao, honestly, I had really difficult months for me and my family and I didn’t work with my social media. So, my Pinterest account dropped a lot which is normal you know. Anyway, I am back now and I prepare a totally new strategy, just want to try something new and as soon as I have some results I will be able to share, but let’s see the results for the next 2-3 weeks let say 🙂 I would suggest you check out this ebook because the girl who wrote it is very good and I learned from her before and still following her, I am sure she applies all updates they may have! Keep me updated on how it goes, I would love to help 🙂

  2. My blogging journey has been very similar to yours. I will be celebrating my blog one year up live as of tomarrow actually! Learning as I went and trying to figure out wordpress and SEO on my own. I also just started using Tailwind as well and just finished a $32 dollar Pinterest course. Hahaha I am also currently trying to work out issues and set up my email list so I can get it growing. Thanks for posting this, so glad I’m not the only one slowly going at it on their own! I could relate to so much of this!

    1. Hey, I am happy for you and Thanks for come and leave this comment! It’s always good to know that you are not alone ? Congrats for your blog and my best wishes for the next year blogging! ?

  3. Love your post! I am a new blogger as well. I am not monetizing my blog yet to make money, but I plan to research and look into it. Thank you for sharing such useful information!

  4. Tailwind is an excellent tool to help boost our traffic. I use it and don’t know how I did it before without it! Currently working on, even more, to increase my traffic even more.

  5. There is no doubt that most bloggers have a social media focus as part of their strategy of driving traffic to their blogs. Pinterest is also a favourite of many who say that it is a major factor for increasing visitors and more so than Instagram recently. Really interesting reading your story and results and I hope you continue to grow with your content and followers into the future. Best wishes for 2020.

    1. Thank you! For me Pinterest strategies I used really worked! But, I have very low visitor on my blog from Instagram so, to grow my Insta profile it will be one of my goals for the next year! Best wishes for 2020 to you too! ?

  6. These are all great tips that you have provided. I am really looking at increasing my traffic, so this will come in handy. Thanks so much for sharing this information.


  7. I love Tailwind, and I just started using Later for my Instagram scheduling. So far so good! I’m really working on building my traffic as a goal for 2020, so I pinned this post to be able to refer back to it later 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

    1. That’s awesome! Increasing my traffic even more is my goal for the next year too! I am very satisfied with this schedulers and I am sure you will work even better with them, they are time saver, really! 🙂 And I will be happy for your next update and will waiting to here good news for and from you! 🙂

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