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newborn must haves


There are so many products for newborns and a lot of baby best lists, and it’s confusing a little. The truth is that your baby needs just you and few more things. You don’t need a lot especially for the first two months, and if there is something you realize that you want to have, always can order it online and will have it in a few days, or can send someone to get it for you (not a big deal)! In the first weeks, the babies only eat and sleep, and cry a little sometimes 🙂

I don’t like over-collecting stuff usually and for me was very important to make that baby list with only useful and needed products for my baby. And I did it pretty well, I would say! The things that I bought and use just a couple of times were breast milk storage bags and cups. The reason is that I didn’t have a lot of breast milk, just enough for the baby and almost nothing more. And one thing I missed – a nursing night light.

Honestly, that’s my baby best products list for newborns and I am going to use the same for my second kid 🙂 So, I separate the things into 3 topics (to be easier for me).


baby registry list


For the baby – clothes, and cosmetics

My advice when buying clothes for your baby is always to think to be easy to dress up and easy to undress! It’s better and useful for you and your baby too! You don’t need to buy many clothes for two reasons, first, don’t know how big will be your baby for sure and second, you will receive many things as a gift. So, here is what you need:


organic cotton blanket and cheesecloth blanket – very nice materials, good for the baby skin. I bought 4 of each and was enough for me.

organic bodysuit short and long sleeveI love these products they are very easy to use with buttons from top to bottom. I bought 8 and was fine.

organic cotton tops and pants I usually prefer to use clothes from organic materials and for us, cotton works perfectly. I had just 2 of each in the first month.

sleepers with long and short sleeves are nice, or also can check sleeper cotton gowns – well, I had just 3 of them and was enough, in fact in the beginning I used sleepers and bodysuits during the day and night. From 3rd month I started to use pajamas for my baby.

vest and jacket – depends on the weather, but it is always good to have one just in case.

baby bibs to be honest, I had only 4 and I was surprised that wasn’t enough (because of the reflux), that’s why for the second I will get 8 or 10 for sure! 

hat, gloves, and socks is good to have these items, you’re gonna use them.

romper depends on the weather of course, maybe will not need it, but if it’s cold is better to have one.


shampoo 2in1- there are so many and you have to see which is looks good to you, always can change it if you don’t like it after. I choose this one and I was satisfied with it.

body lotionfor the first 4 months I used only coconut oil and then I tried Palmer’s baby butter which is with cocoa oil, I like it a lot and I still use it.

Add also:

baby cotton buds.

nail clipper – the nails of a newborn have to be trimmed more than once a week and for sure will need something to do it with.

washing powder – I just have a baby washing powder, nothing special, I just wash her clothes separately.

baby wipesI love Huggies – they are pure and with very good material. This is something you will need a lot! So, get a big pack to get it at a better price because you will need it for sure.

baby diapers – my advice is to get just one package of size one and one of size two, this is something you can buy (or someone else can do it for you too) easy when seeing which will fit your baby better. I bought pampers size 2 big pack and one small pack pampers size 1, turns out, that I needed diapers size 1 for the first three weeks and then diapers size 2.

feeding bottles, teat brush, and one soother.

pacifier clip – in the beginning, I used it just to keep track of the pacifier.

baby bathtub and sling  – We gave our baby her baths in the bathroom sink for the first three-four weeks and then start to use a baby bath.

also must have a digital thermometer and nasal aspirator in the baby’s first aid kit.

For the baby room

My 11 months baby girl sleep in our room, next to us, in her bed, but no meter if your baby will be with you or in your own room you will need:

bed and sheets for it

baby bed protector

changing mat just choose one simple mat

towels – it’s enough to have just two

Arnica montana

For Mom

Here are all things that you will need:

stroller when choosing a stroller looks to be safe, lightweight, easy to use, to have a basket under the seat, and you need it to be good to use for newborns too.

car seats for infants most of them are quite the same and easy to use and convenient, and babies outgrow them quickly and will need another one.

baby carrier – there are so many products, just think which one will be good for you and try it before buy it.

breastfeeding pillow – for me it is something a must-have for breastfeeding. This saved my bag.

breastfeeding pads – necessary!

nipple cream

breastfeeding pump – It helped me a lot in the beginning, and in fact, I used my breastfeeding pump a lot, around four months, because I didn’t have a lot of breast milk. This is why I have electric and manual (it is good to have it when you are on the road). But at first, I bought the electric one and I use it more than the manual.

breast milk storage bags  – it is not so important to have them, you can first see if you will have breast milk and then buy it.

breastfeeding bra – must-have, it is very useful for breastfeeding.

breastfeeding nightgown

nursing night light – in my opinion, is something you need for sure, even if you breastfeed or not.

This list covers the very first needs for the baby and mom, in my opinion, and experience. I hope is useful for you too :)

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