Jaundice in newborn babies


jaundice in newborn

Many newborn babies develop jaundice and most clear up on their own as their livers start to function. Infants with mild jaundice will have a yellowish tinge to their skin and whites of the eyes.

Jaundice in newborn babies occurs because they normally produce increased levels of bilirubin which is referred to as “physiologic jaundice”. Bilirubin is produced when red blood cells are broken down. Bilirubin is yellowish which causes the skin. It is removed from the bloodstream by the liver, but the body of the baby may produce more than the liver can process.

Physiologic jaundice

It appears within a few days after delivery and resolves within two-three weeks. Other causes of jaundice in newborn babies can be due to problems related to breastfeeding, an infection, the baby’s blood is incompatible with the mother’s, problems with the digestive system.

Usually, jaundice is very treatable, but in some extreme cases it can cause brain damage, that’s why it is important to contact your doctor if you notice signs of jaundice.

What could you do?!

There are some natural treatments for jaundice in newborn babies – feeding frequently, vitamin D, magnesium, probiotics, phototherapy.


jaundice in newborn


Breastfeed your baby as frequently as possible, this can help his liver and process the excess red blood cells in his system.

Vitamin D is with lower levels in babies with jaundice compared to those with non-jaundice. Breastfed moms can boost baby’s levels of vitamin D with breast milk. Formulas contain vitamin D as well. You can give extra vitamin D too. After you speak with your pediatrician, of course. And put your baby in a sunny spot from time to time for real natural vitamin D.

Magnesium is very important too. So, if you try to add magnesium-rich food to your diet if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it will be quite enough and helpful for your baby.

Probiotics decreased bilirubin levels and helped the body clear out excess bilirubin. Ask your doctor what kind you could give to your baby.

Phototherapy is treatment with a special type of light and is used to treat newborn baby jaundice by lowering the bilirubin levels.

In my case

With my daughter, we didn’t do much. Her jaundice occurred on the second day after birth. We had few phototherapy procedures and we gave her vitamin D. And jaundice disappeared completely in four weeks, thank goodness with no complications.

Remember that, usually jaundice in newborn babies is easily treatable and generally without complications, but speak with your pediatrician about the right treatment plan for your baby.

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