Infant car seat – how to choose the best baby car seat

infant car seat

Car seats are one of the most important purchases for you and your baby safe. You need it to bring your baby home from the hospital and then to use it when traveling with your baby. Choosing a car seat is a bit confusing, at least for me it was. First, you need to know that all car seats on the market have been tested and approved for the current safety standards. And you can be sure that they will keep your baby safe.


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Infants must in a rear-facing car seat from the very first time (the day you leave the hospital). Considering this you can choose a car seat from three types:

Rear-facing only– it’s a traditional type of infant car seat and often is compatible with a stroller and very easy to use. They are specifically meant for infants and can be used for about one year because then the baby supposes to move to a convertible car seat.

Convertiblethis type of car seats convert from rear-facing to forward-facing. They have higher height and weight limits than infant seats. That’s why convertible car seats can be used until your kid is big enough for a booster seat.

3 in 1 – this type can start as rear-facing, then convert to forward-facing, and with some adjustments can become a booster seat.

I would recommend choosing a convertible or 3in1 car seat because the rear-facing only car seat will be used for a very short time. And this way, you will save money and time.

Car seat installation is a very important thing for safety. This can be done in two main ways – with a traditional lap belt or with an advanced latch system. Both methods are equally safe and you need just to follow the manufacturer’s directions.

One more tip – choose something easy to clean (is a virtue). A smooth fabric will wipe easily than a textured fabric.

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