Hospital bag – What you need to pack in your hospital bag for you and your baby


hospital bag


The big day is coming and probably you prepared already everything for the baby. One of the things that you should organize about two-three weeks earlier is your hospital bag. But don’t overstress about it.

The hospital bag for labor and delivery doesn’t have to be a big deal. You don’t need many things, but if there is something you would need then the father or someone else could bring it to you in the hospital. In my case, that was the breast pump. As this is a very exciting and emotional moment you can forget something important. So it is good to be prepared. Before I organized my hospital bag, I read a lot about this on the internet and talked to all my girlfriends with children about what needed to be taken to the hospital. I do not like to clutter things. I prefer to have what I would really need. And below is all that was on my list and it was quite enough.


hospital bag


What to pack in the hospital bag for you


– Hospital paperwork, ID, and insurance card

– Nightgowns

– Slippers

– Bathrobe

– Socks

– Underwear

– Nursing bras it is better to choose a comfortable bra from natural materials, especially if you decided to breastfeed.

– Nursing pads very useful and needed.

Pads with wings

Toiletries hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer, hair ties, deodorant, plastic bag to pop dirty clothes in.

Cosmetics and Small makeup bag – in case the makeup is part of your usual routine, then take the basic things you would use. Take with you also a nipple cream. But don’t forget your lip balm too

Water you have to take water with you. Believe me, you will need it! It is better to choose small bottles because they are easier to use.


Clothesyou can wear only your nightgown during your hospital stay. If you prefer could take some comfortable clothes for that period. But for sure you will need a going-home outfit.

Relaxing entertainment – things like books, magazines and music player will help you pass the time.

Phone and charger

Breast pump – you do not have to take the breast pump with you, but it’s better for the pump to be ready for use and if you need it, someone can bring it to you in the hospital.


baby preparation guide printable

What to pack in the hospital bag for the baby


– Going-home outfit – when choosing this outfit consider the weather.

– Car seat

– Blanket

One package of diapers

– Wipes – It is always good to have a package of wipes. If you don’t need it for the baby, you can use it for yourself.

These are the things that you will really need for your baby, but if you prefer you could take also a pacifier, bodysuits, socks, and gloves for your baby, to have them just in case. With all this, you will be ready with your hospital bag for the moment when the baby is ready to come.


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