First baby toys – what you need from birth to the sixth month for baby development

first baby toys

During the first month baby’s vision is fuzzy and they can focus on objects about twenty to thirty centimeters away from their eyes. But newborn’s hearing is well developed at birth and they could turn ahead towards you when they hear the sound of your voice. In the first two-three months, the babies will like the most toys which they will listen to and look at.


first baby toys


The infant’s development is rapid. You will see how fast your baby grows and develops month after month. Honestly, I did not know how fast it had been twelve months since my daughter was born. This is the fastest year of my life so far. It’s so amazing to watch the babies discover and explore the new environment. Тhe right toy for them over the various periods can help them in this exciting mission of discovery. Toys are a very good opportunity and a great incentive for the baby to perfect his grabbing technique and you need toys that will be with bright colors and textures. During the first three to four months, babies spend more time on their back than on their tummy, so you have to choose suitable toys for this period.

My daughter’s first baby toys

The first toys we had were an activity gym and two toys of fabric. For me, an activity gym is one of the toys you must have. My daughter started playing with her activity gym at the beginning of the third month, and this toy was hit for months. She first enjoyed playing with the dangling toys while lying on her back, then playing with them in the sitting position. Other toys that you will need during the first six months and your baby may have liked are booklets of fabric and nylon booklets.


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What are the first baby toys you would need

Usually around four to seven months baby starts teething. And this is the time you will need some baby teething toys with a soft texture and numerous chewable parts. Тhere are many teething toys to choose from. Around the sixth, to the seventh month, you will probably needbaby walker and activity jumper. For me, they are very useful. They help your baby to walk and play. Usually, babies love them and use them for а long time. Another plus of these toys is that you can do whatever you have to do with two hands, or at least you can eat well.


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