Best Educational and Developmental Toys for Toddlers – 12 to 18 months

best educational and developmental toys for toddlers

Educational toys are designed for kids to stimulate learning and to help them develop particular skills. At age, 12 to 18 months toddlers are very active, curious, and always busy. By 12 months, the children have developed a lot and can do many things. And in the next months, they continue to learn more and develop even faster. Around months 12 to 18 kids walking, their hands becoming more coordinated, entertaining themselves a bit more, can string together ideas to form a basic plan, can put objects in and out of a box, start to treat objects appropriately, likes to imitate familiar household routines, show affection with hugs, kisses, and smiles. At this age, most kids are very interested in the consequences of their actions and they don’t get tired of the repetition.


best educational and developmental toys for toddlers


Here are some educational toys which would help your toddler increase development during these months


Push and pull toys

Push toys can give your toddler something to lean into when walking around your home. We started with a walker. My daughter was very happy with it. Once your kid is walking and crawling, a wagon (train) is a great choice. Pull toys are for advanced walkers who can look behind them as they move forward – pull toys that flap, bobble, or squeak.


Any ball that’s easy to grasp will be a hit – vinyl balls, beach balls, cloth balls. Your toddler will have fun rolling, kicking, and throwing a ball. Experiment with the sizes and colors of the balls, and also can try the ones which glow.

Sorting and nesting toys

Blocks of different sizes, colors, shapes, and different colored cups are great for your toddler. Sorting and nesting toys are good for kids to develop their thinking skills and concentration. Also, you can have fun sorting things into simple categories such as clothes or toys. This allows toddlers to match an object to its purpose and develop their understanding of the world.

Washable crayons and paper

Around 15 – 18 months your toddler will probably enjoy scribble, paint, and draw with crayons. When your kid improved a bit more ability to use his hands and his motor skills, he is ready to pick up and use crayons and paper. Washable crayons and paper are a great choice. It is fine if your toddler needs more time, don’t worry and don’t push, it is a gradual process. The best way is to let your kid experiment and explore. Let your child scribble all over a piece of paper, put his hands in pain, mix all the colors if he or she wants to. This will give your toddler confidence in what achieve and will feel more independent. And don’t forget to praise what your kid creates or put it on display in your home.

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Ride-on toys

Ride-on toys have been widely appreciated by even the youngest kids. They allow the child to develop a sense of independence and confidence. Ride-on toys are also wonderful for both outdoor and indoor use.

Picture books

Read picture books to your toddlers. They will enjoy picture books showing familiar objects and activities. They may also start to take pride in his library and the chance to pick out a favorite for you to read.


Puzzles are a great toy option for 15 months old toddlers who are working on their hand-eye and grip-strength coordination. With puzzles they develop more their ability to pick up, hold, and move objects. Choose puzzles with big enough pieces and nice colors.


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