Baby toys – helping the development from the sixth to the twelfth month

baby toys

The first six months are fast, but the second six are even faster. And if you have a baby of this age you know how fast it is developing and how quickly the baby’s needs change. It is such a lovely period.

Around the sixth month, the babies mostly crawl, and in no matter of time, they will be pulling themselves up and begin walking. Our daily lives change. The babies sleep less, become more active, and increase learning the world around them.

When the baby is seven or eight months old will no longer be so interested in infant toys and will need others. You will need some that improve the baby’s motor skills different abilities. Look for toys that are chemical-free, useful, and safe for your baby.

Till the ninth month, we kept booklets of nylon and fabric. But then our baby was more intriguing toys that produce sounds, lights, toys that move and have several parts.


first baby toys



ChildLife, Vitamin D3, Natural Berry Flavor

Even if our baby is almost twelve months we still keep some teething toys. Now our daughter is not crawling much, she wants to walk. When we are in the park she goes and pushes her stroller to start and walk easily. We searched for some Walker toy to make that process easier for her, and something with proper sizes. And I am happy we bought it because It’s amazing and it quickly became a playtime staple for her. Also, it works great as a stationary toy.


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