What is Affiliate Marketing – Key Points You Need to Know

affiliate marketing

Affiliate Programs are an excellent way of generating revenue from your blog or website. Especially when you don’t have your own products or services to sell. It is one of the best home businesses because you don’t need much money to start. You don’t have to produce, stock, or deliver products or services. What you have to do is to promote other people’s products for a commission. And the best thing is that you can work from home or anywhere else if you have Internet access. This is a business and you have to take it seriously, you will have to work hard, be patient, and be consistent because success doesn’t come overnight. The truth about this work-at-home venture is that few people are rich, quite a good number who are successful enough, and a lot who fail. So, have in mind, that it takes time to make affiliate marketing work for you.

What is Affiliate Marketing and Why to Choose it?

This post is focused on Affiliate Marketing via blogging, but there are various ways to promote products which I will mention later in the article.

The very first thing you have to do is choose a niche. The idea is to write about something you love, which is interesting to you and have a good experience with. You don’t have to be too specific, but creative. This way everything would be easier when you stick to a topic and target a specific audience.

After choosing your niche and deciding what you will write about, the next thing to do is consider how you want your blog to look like and what categories will include in it. Then you have to create content for your visitors and create your website.

After you have done this, you should join the affiliate programs of the companies which products you want to promote. And after that, you can start promoting their products using special affiliate links that the company will give you. The good thing is that most affiliate programs are free. And you will start to earn a commission only when someone purchases through your link.

Six things that make affiliate marketing a really good home business option are:

1. Low cost to get started

You can start relatively quickly, at a really low cost because most of the affiliate programs are free to join and you don’t have to pay for production, stock, or deliveries. Most of your cost depends on your marketing methods. When you create your blog you will have to pay for domain and hosting, which is cheap. So, the total cost to get started affiliate marketing is really low.

2. Don’t have to create a product or service, don’t have to stock or ship products, and no customer support

Your job is to present and promote the products of other companies. With affiliate marketing, you have no cost to create products, pack them, or handle order processing. Also, you don’t need a warehouse to store them, and you don’t organize deliveries. Besides, when there are questions or problems with the order or product, the customer communicates with the customer support of the company from which the product was purchased.

affiliate marketing

3. Passive income potential

Affiliate marketing gives you the chance to make money while you sleep. It depends on how you market your products and campaigns. You have to invest time to prepare all, but after that, you will get money long after you’ve finished (when your visitors purchase the products over the following days and weeks), even when you are not in front of your computer.

4. Can be added to the current business

Affiliate marketing can create an extra revenue stream. Successfully can be used by anyone with a site, such as bloggers, trainers, entrepreneurs.

5. Work at home

For me, this is the biggest advantage of affiliate marketing – that I can work from home. I have worked for other companies in the fashion industry for 11 years. I started as a sales consultant, then I was promoted to deputy manager, and then I became the manager of the store. As a store manager, I’ve worked for three major global companies. In my last year in retail, I was in a new company as a brand manager and responsible for seven stores. The job is great and I learned a lot. But there are many minuses – it is shift work and often I was late at home, I worked on holidays and I didn’t have time for my family, I worked very hard, but for other people. And the salary wasn’t high enough, even with the bonuses (there is a limit). That’s why I’ve been looking for another opportunity for a very long time. Perhaps about three years. I tried different options like dropshipping, PPC ads, viewing ads, and several others, but I failed. I know people who made really good money with them but just wasn’t for me. Anyway, I decided that I will find a way to work from home and have my time and life as I want it. This big goal is not achieved yet, but I’m on my road and step by step getting closer to it every single day.

6. Flexible

You have absolute independence in defining your own goals and choosing products and campaigns. You decide when and how much to work. You don’t have to follow company rules and regulations. Well, you know that each job has its pros and cons. Affiliate marketing is no exception and also has its advantages and disadvantages. The challenges that you may have are:

choose quality businesses to work with. There are many companies that don’t pay a lot or do not pay at all.

you don’t have control over the product or the service.

when there is a lot of competition, be sure that many others are working with the same great program you’ve found.

your statistics will show you how many sales are made and what product, but in most cases, you will not have any information about who made the purchase. This means that you can’t resell a new product to this person or offer him anything else.

Despite all the challenges and difficulties, I chose affiliate marketing and I can say that this is my best job so far. Especially since I became a mother. The best thing is that I can stay at home and take care of my child, but also I have a pretty good income too, and I feel great!

Different ways in which the affiliates can be paid

This depends on the program and how they measure the sales affiliate’s contribution. These are pay per sale, pay per lead, and pay per click.

1. Pay Per Sale

This is the most used method and the merchant pays the affiliate a percentage of the sale price of the product after the customer purchases the product.

One of the most popular affiliate programs is Amazon. Here I would like to give you valuable advice – do not be in a hurry to register with Amazon if you are not ready with your site and content. Because if you don’t sell for the first six months they will stop your account. I did that mistake. Well, yes, I was lucky and I managed to make sales in the last two months, but it was a very stressful period. So, don’t do it. And check the other affiliate programs you want to join if they also have such policies and requirements.

2. Pay Per Lead

It is another often-used form of income generation where the partner site pays a sum if the visitors who have come from the affiliate complete an action – subscribe to a newsletter, download file, sign up and leave an email, etc. No purchase is required here in this method of paying.

3. Pay Per Click

It is a revenue generation method where a partner site pays for a visitor clicking on the text link or banner linking of the site offering the affiliate program. The affiliate must engage the visitors to move from the affiliate’s site to the merchant’s site. And he is paid based on the increase in web traffic.

Some affiliate programs also have a Referral Program (Multi-Level Marketing). If someone enters the affiliate program coming from your page, they become your referral and you will receive a percentage of the income generated by this referral.

Affiliate Marketing Channels

You can advertise the products in different ways. There are several different marketing channels you may leverage:

– Bloggers

– Influencers

– You tube

– Facebook

– Paid search focused Microsites

– Email lists


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Tips for Successful Affiliate Marketing

1. Promote valuable products

You can promote any products you wish. The best thing is that you can choose to promote products that you use and which you believe in, the products you are familiar with. And when you promote valuable products the consumers will enjoy them too. This way you will achieve an impressive conversion rate and a stable audience.

2. Write products and services reviews

Reviewing products or services is one of the most effective ways to promote them. You can write a review for almost anything in every niche – a review about physical products, digital products, ride-sharing, or travel services. When doing reviews is very important to give valuable content. You have to summarize all the important details your readers should know about it. For sure, you have to include all benefits and all disadvantages which it has. And because this is a personal recommendation use a personal tone but have to be honest. It would be very effective to compare this product with another similar to it. So your consumers will make an informed decision. If you write an article to compare products, besides their basic features, be sure to give details about the similarities and differences of products. And one more thing, try to keep your post short as much as possible. People want to know the important things and they don’t have all day to read reviews.

3. Use more than one source

Don’t focus on just one campaign. Try different sources together. For example, make an email campaign, but also use social media. Test different marketing strategies to see which one is best for you.

4. Be informed

As there is really serious competition in affiliate marketing you need to stay on trends. Constantly optimize your site. Make sure you are keeping up to date on all new strategies to be competitive, to keep a good conversion rate and revenue.

5. Use several affiliate programs

To have a variety of products and better profitability, use products from several vendors. This way you can find and promote the best products at the best prices. Your consumers will appreciate it.

6. Accent on your traffic

To optimize your sales and be able to make the right decisions, you need to know where your traffic comes from. Use Google Analytics to see things like time, bounce rate, age, gender, geographic location, devices, etc. Use all possible resources and take time to analyze.

7. Banner ads

When you have traffic to your blog, banner ads are effective. Put banner ads on products that are related to the context of your article. Do not place ads on similar products so you do not confuse your visitors. Banner advertising must be a product that is a good complement to what you write. Or a product that people who read the article will find useful and would buy.

8. Social Media

This is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your blog. You do not need to use all possible social networks. Think about which ones usually use your target audience. Be active. When you create a new article, share it on social networks, which will increase the traffic to it.

In conclusion

Affiliate marketing is one great opportunity for people who want to work from home. And like any other business venture requires knowledge, planning, work, and consistency to make income. If this is what you want to do, get started, and don’t waste your time. I lost a few years while I decided what to do, to read and prepare for everything I needed to know before I started. The truth is, I have never been ready. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is important to not give up. So one day finally I started. I worked hard, but I needed help and proper training because I had no results. Having found the best training for me after many years of searching, I have achieved some of my goals. Their training helped me to learn and develop, to become a better blogger and affiliate marketer. I found what is best for me.

I would be happy if you share with me what do you think about it, did you enjoy the post, do you have any experience with affiliate marketing, and what tips you would give to others?! 

Thanks for reading! See you around!

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