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for the baby with love

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog For Baby and Mom.

I am Silvia, mom of one pretty little girl! I created this blog to connect and share my experience with new moms like me!

You will find here useful tips for baby, motherhood, personal development, and career growth!


My story short

I have almost 12 years of experience as a store manager in retail. I have worked for several major fashion brands. I started as a sales consultant, a year later I was offered to become an assistant manager, and shortly after that, I became the first manager. After gaining several years of experience as a store manager in three different large companies, I started working in another fashion brand as a regional manager.

Working in this field taught me many things, I became more organized, more patient, more persistent. I learned how to talk to clients properly, this improved my communication skills. Stressful situations with clients, management, and the team made me much more flexible. The most valuable thing for me was working with the people and my teams. Going through many trainings, as well as the opportunity to train other people were some of the most interesting things for me in my work. Also, I am so happy with the friendships I have made over the years.

However, there comes a moment when you realize that you want something more, something else in your life. For me, this happened after I became a mother. I was looking for job opportunities from home. I wanted to do something that I liked but also brought me income. So after a lot of researching and trying different projects, this blog appeared. What has always excited me and what I am constantly interested in is personal growth and development. I believe that a person can achieve anything he wants, as long as he makes an effort and has the right attitude, as well as believes in himself and in what he does. You don’t have to be super well prepared, everything can be learned. This blog is such an example! I am happy that I can do something that I like so much, and at the same time, it is useful for many other people!

Being a mom is not always easy and fun, but it is an incredible journey! And to be honest, this blog helps me to not lose myself in the messy mom life.

Take a look and if you want to share, comment, suggest or ask something, please do it, it will be a pleasure for me!

All the best and take care of yourself,


Founder of For Baby and Mom

6 thoughts on “About me”

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      1. Hi, I get to your blog by a Google research searching info about vitamins and healthy tips. I really loved it! I found very useful information here! It’s so cool you created your blog by yourself while taking care of a little kid. I saw your posts on start a blog topic, which will be really useful for me. I am on that way right now, having a baby and wondering how to move on and what to do in the next years. So, thank you and I will follow what will come next! Keep it up!

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