9 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid – Advice for New Bloggers

blogging mistakes

When you start blogging from scratch, you have many things to do. There is a lot of new information and at some point, blogging can become confusing and overwhelming. In this post, I will share with you the most common mistakes made by new bloggers (and even mine too)!

1. Having unrealistic expectations

Well, when start blogging you will be very excited in the begging. But believe me, you will have some moments you will feel unmotivated, you will slow down. It’s normal. There are so many things, really a lot! Especially if you are like me and start a blog from scratch with zero knowledge about blogs, blogging, and writing (and I am not so good at computers too, but I created this blog myself). Just know that success doesn’t come overnight and takes time. I wanted to create a blog as fast as possible. But the truth is that I failed in this because I didn’t set realistic goals for myself. Some bloggers start making money fast from the first weeks after launching their blogs, but others work weeks and months before reaching some success. It depends on many things- your niche, how many hours you can spend working on your blog, etc. (and also your mental attitude). So, be honest with yourself and think about it. My advice is first to write down what you have to do, all the tasks you have, and try to create a realistic step-by-step plan on how you will get them done. Have in mind that there will be more things to do that you will have to add to your list during the process.

I did that mistake too…

In fact, when I started this blog I wanted to do it as quickly as possible, but it turned out that I had impossible goals. I thought I would be able to launch my blog in about 3 months, but I was wrong. I managed to get it in 6-7 months. It took me 3 months to prepare the content for my first articles. I didn’t correctly predict the amount of time I could spend blogging. I first chose a niche, then decided what categories will have and how many, then I started to create content. I wanted to have 2-3 articles in each category when launching the blog. Then I started to create the blog – hosting, theme, plugins, posting, etc. And it took a lot of time. I am still working on a lot of things about my blog. Well, I am trying as much as I can. The thing is that the time I could spend working on my blog is when my baby sleeps only- at noon, evenings, or early in the morning. But there are days when the baby is sick, or teeth come out, or I am too tired (exhausted sometimes running after a toddler) … and I have less time for me and my things.

Set your goals, make a plan, take action, and don’t give up!

Nevertheless, as long as you are persistent, consistent, and not give up (because, believe me, you will have such moments and you will want to give up, but just don’t!), you will succeed. So, write on paper what are your goals and make a plan for how you will achieve them. Make that plan on smaller tasks. You need step by step plan of what will do, start working on it, update it during the process, don’t stop and keep working, and I am sure you will achieve it!

blogging.mistakes to avoid as a new blogger

2. Missing images

This is a must! We all know that people don’t have so much time to read very long posts and just will scroll down to catch something interesting. Having really nice photos is the best way to get the attention of your readers. Usually, most people will read about 50% of your article. This is the best way to break your content to keep the reader on your post. And you can also use images to share information visually.

3. Not using social media

It is really important too. Your readers are there, you need social media to promote your content. Make your plan to promote. Pick up some social media and focus on them. You don’t need all of them, and it’s not possible when starting to be everywhere. Just choose some of them, or at least one. This is the way to reach your audience. Display your social media buttons on your blog from the beginning. I decided to use Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, then created the accounts for them when I set up my blog and before start posting my articles, to keep the same name as my blog, even if I didn’t have content there. After that, when I posted my articles started working the social media one by one. First I started with Pinterest and I am consistent and more active there (because it really worked for me and grew my visitors very fast). Now I just started with Instagram and my Facebook page. For now, they are not my focus, I just want to keep some activity on them. And I keep focusing on Pinterest as this is the way to get more visitors. I will share here with you that I wasn’t familiar with Pinterest at all and I didn’t use it before. I learned from other bloggers that it is a good platform and decide to try it. I liked it a lot and then I bought Ana’s ebook Making Pinterest Possible and I was surprised that following the tips from it everything changed and my page views grow by 153% for only two weeks! That was amazing! And it was a small investment only 35$, but the benefits are big enough!


4. Google Analytics

Set Google Analytics from the beginning. You need to know some basic information in order to make your blog better. You will find a lot of useful info like which posts are the most popular, how long people are staying on your site, how long staying on one article, which devices they are using, in which countries your readers are from, and a lot more information.

5. You are not consistent

Whatever you do if you are consistent and active you will succeed. Writing and publishing posts regularly are important for your readers and search engines. I am not saying to publish a new post every day, but at least every two weeks one post is ok. Then promote your new blog posts on social media too. But have in mind that when you are starting you need to be more active than that. I had scheduled for myself and I had a task to write one blog post every two weeks. Sometimes it’s hard to find what to write about, but you can write down ideas all the time in one place and check it when you have those moments, or you can look around and get an idea from people around you, other bloggers, or Facebook groups.

6. Not joining an Ad network

You don’t have to wait months and to reach 25-30 000 page views to join an ad network. Do it right from the start. Ads will be some passive income and this option should be used as this is one of the ways to monetize your blog. So, why wait?! There are Ad networks that don’t require a minimum number of views to get involved like Google AdSense or Infolinks (which I use by the way).

7. Affiliate Programs

This is one great way to monetize your blog. The most popular affiliate program is the Amazon Associate program, which is a really good one. I use it from the very beginning. But it depends on what your site is if it is a niche and what niche is. Anyway, there are many other good affiliate programs too. I use more and not only amazon’s program to monetize my blog and I am receiving revenue from all of them. So, you can check which affiliate programs will fit your content and sign up for them. Don’t go only with Amazon when you can make money from the others too. The other affiliate programs which I am using are iherb, Wealthy Affiliate, Infolinks, Bluehost, SiteGround, The she approach, Tailwind and Click bank. I get very small commissions from some of those programs, but I’m happy at the end of the month with the total revenue I get.


how to grow your blog with Pinterest

8. Not starting an email list from the very first day

And this is something I regret I don’t have done yet. Unfortunately, I was saying to myself that I will start it after this blog post after I finished Pinterest setting up, from next week, and…. Nothing. I still have to work on my email list and finally, it is on my schedule now. You probably know already how important it is. I know it too. When I started my research about blogging I saw from the other bloggers the importance of the email list, but I wasn’t serious about it. There are so many things to fix when starting blogging and especially if you are like me and do everything all alone and without knowledge as I mention. There is a lot of information and things to learn. But now I promise myself that this will be the next thing I will work on.

9. Waiting to learn and know everything

Waiting until you are ready to start is insane. It is! And I did that too! I was reading and learning for months (around 7 months wasted time) before the start. Because there are so many things It is overwhelmed. At one point I got really tired of not doing actual work, and then I said to myself “ok, you are searching, learning, reading from months, and see that the information is the same. Just choose two or three people to follow to be like your mentors and just start! Just do it!” While I wanted to be perfect and to prepare, the success went to those who simply did things. And finally, I started! I realized then that it’s not possible to be ready for everything and to learn and know everything, but the most important is to get the things done!


If you want to become a successful blogger and you can see this in your mind then for sure you can! I just need to get the things done. Start from where you are, be consistent, be patient, and make it a priority! Be careful with comparison to other successful bloggers now, because you need to stay motivated. There will be moments you will not feel so comfortable about what you are doing and in these moments you need to keep going! You can become a great blogger, just have to want it bad enough!

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